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Iris Time by Khuzang
Iris fanart by Kanduli

For those who are confused, here is some context:
Enjoy :)

WIP - Gangnam Style Dance (+ 2 Legit 2 Quit)
Iris Group Shot 1 by vggal

My new revised pass of Iris & Friends. Thanks for the love guys and girls! :)
Hi everyone! It's my pleasure to announce that my art will be guest featured in the upcoming Extra Credits show tomorrow (18th) :XD:

It's super exciting and I've been quite busy getting the episode finished. I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned at:…

Cheers! :)
Hello everyone. I've created a new web comic series with my character, :iconvggal: Iris the VG Gal.

I used to submit my Iris drawings here, but from now on all of Iris related posts will be featured in her own account channel.

Check it out and show some love :)

Hello everyone,

I'm usually bad with keeping track with the messages I see at deviantART, but please don't take that as me being ungrateful when I don't send a personal message.

In fact, I'm extremely grateful and frankly quite surprised with the support I see despite my art being surrounded by uber talented artists.

I'd like to use this entry to personally thank everyone who's shown interest to my art so far. I'm sure more will come eventually, and I hope this currently barren submission page will start filling up with more art soon!

Thank you for reading!